Endorsed by the big man #92 Ngata

Endorsed by the big man #92 Ngata

Since taking office in 2006 my office has been one of the leaders in the state in reducing the number of arrest warrants by implementing aggressive and creative tactics.

Along with that responsibility, we have provided a level of security to the Circuit Courthouse that is second to none. The dedication of our team, both sworn and civilian, has allowed our service to the citizens to be no less than outstanding. Over the past 11 years, we have forged excellent partnerships to fight crime with our local law enforcement agencies in the Baltimore-Metropolitan area, the Comptroller’s Office, FBI, and the DEA. We have expanded our canine unit, introduced new technology to the agency, provided state of the art training to our deputies, and have been recognized as one of the most innovative law enforcement agencies in the state.

Our office has put forth many successful ways to reduce warrants, catch Dead Beat parents, serve Domestic Violence orders, keep the Circuit Courthouse safe, and keep up with our endless civil operations tasks. Our innovative efforts have included shrewd arrest stings to lure in wanted criminals using legal fake business disguises such as “Flowers by Ron”, and “Keystone Candigram”. Another very successful tool has been the Anne Arundel’s Most Wanted cable program where we showcase wanted people and Dead Beat parents. Still another ingredient to our success has been the partnership we have established with the Capital Gazette Newspaper. Twice weekly the paper publishes, free of charge, a list of wanted individuals. Like our other programs, this too has proven to be a very valuable tool.


Recently, I came up with an idea which was crafted into a bill and became the first law of its kind in the United States of America. The law stated, if a person was wanted for a criminal offense and was due a Maryland State Tax Refund, that person’s refund would be withheld until his/her arrest warrant was satisfied. This law was piloted for the first year in Anne Arundel County only and yielded tremendous results. The law produced so many arrests that legislation has now been introduced to make it a statewide law.

We are extremely pleased to report that the television show, the newspaper, the stings, our special enforcement initiatives, our daily pursuit of wanted criminals, and the warrant tax intercept law has produced as high as a 42% decrease in our outstanding warrants.

I am proud to say that my entire adult life has been spent in law enforcement. My primary focus for these past 34 years has been to make our county safer. Period. Thank you for allowing me to be your sheriff for the past eight years and I ask for your support for my re-election on November 2018.

Your Sheriff,

Ron Bateman