Democratic Criticism


When I read the letter signed by Christine Davenport in the name of the Democratic Central Committee criticizing you for changing Parties, I was most upset. I saw reference to that letter in the Maryland Reporter. It asked for response and respond I did. I don’t “twitter” so I sent the reply to Facebook but I never did see my reply in print. Instead of again calling attention to this matter, I thought it better not to give it any more attention. Democrats came out looking petty and vindictive.

I don’t think the sentiments in that letter was the agreed upon reaction of the Central Committee and it absolutely should not have been. Of course, I understand the reaction by enthusiastic Democratic activists could be disappointment that we could no longer count you as one of our own. The idea that we would want you to give back any donations made to you by Democrats is repulsive to me. Donations were given to help you achieve the position of Sheriff – a position that you have filled with great dedication and success. You made everyone in the country very proud of their Sheriff. Hopefully, you will be able to continue to do so as long as you wish.

Ron, you have every right to switch Parties whenever you wish – this is a free country. What we have always admired about you and why we always voted for you is your dedication to duty and your excellent performance as our Sheriff. Your sense of humor always was a plus! Political ideology should have nothing to do with jobs in public safety. I will have no problem at all to continue to promote your candidacy for Sheriff.

So much for that. Now as far as the contribution of $250 – I remember that well. I think I might still have documentation about that floating around somewhere in my old files. I think I was Chair of the Central Committee at that time of that monetary distribution. A donation came to us with the request that it be divided up among the candidates. We did that.

I always wished that the Central Committee would be able to give candidates financial support. I guess the best we could do along those lines was to promote all our candidates with our literature, and exposure at the County Fair’s Democratic Booth. I remember well the days you came and worked at that Booth. Loved how you deputized the little ones by giving them the Sheriff star stickers! So, as I remember we always gave you our whole hearted support whether at our Club meetings, house parties, parades etc. We were happy to promote you– so proud of your work and so grateful.

You are a wonderful Sheriff, Ron. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all you have done for the people of this great County and for all you will do in the future. I deeply regret the unpleasant tone surrounding your change of Parties. You owe us nothing more than your continued great service; we owe you our continued gratitude. You will always have my best wishes and prayers.

God bless you and yours always,


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