1. Spearhead new state-wide legislation to better protect our seniors. This new law would make it a specific crime to assault a person age 65 or older. This new law will mandate minimum sentences for someone convicted of this crime.

2. Continue to aggressively serve arrest warrants

3. Continue to serve Domestic Violence orders in an expeditious manner and to notify victims ASAP

4. Continue to provide a deputy to serve on the Heroin Task Force

5. Implement several FTA Warrant Reduction Operations to reduce minor warrants and allow deputies to focus on more violent offenders

announcing the operation

operation results

6. Implement the *Automated Court Date Notification program as a pilot program in the state, designed to reduce the number of Failure to Appear Warrants originating from the District Courts. This program will notify/remind people arrested of their court date/time/location by text messages, email or by voice calls. (Audio Article coming soon)

7. I created the Automated Court Date Notification concept as a progressive means to reduce the number of Failure to Appear warrants. This program is designed to notify defendants of their upcoming court dates by text and/or email, to reduce the number of Failure to Appear warrants. Failure to Appear warrants account for the largest number of outstanding warrants throughout the state.