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Where I Stand

I am a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment as guaranteed us in our Constitution. I would support legislation to allow law abiding, legal citizens to wear and carry firearms as is permitted in states like Texas and Arizona. I am a member of the NRA.

Where I stand as your sheriff is very clear. Everything my agency does is done to keep you safe. We accomplish this by aggressively pursuing wanted violent offenders, providing state of the art security in the Circuit Court, and by being leaders in the state in serving Domestic Violence and Civil Orders. Since taking office in 2006 my team has changed the face and reputation of the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office. Our look and approach to law enforcement is sharp, professional, service oriented and tough on crime. My entire adult life has been spent in law enforcement, spanning over 37 years from the Anne Arundel County Police Department to the Sheriff’s Office, where I strive to make a difference. My position and authority is derived from the United States Constitution and I take that responsibility very serious and personal as I work tirelessly to serve the people of this great county.

I am proud to say we are recognized throughout the state as leaders in serving arrest warrants, by utilizing unique and creative measures. Be it through arrest stings like the “Flowers by Ron” operation or through our very own one of a kind law known as the Warrant Tax Refund Intercept law which has made a difference. This law grew from an idea I formulated that withholds a wanted persons Maryland Tax refund until his/her arrest warrant is served. Piloted in Anne Arundel County and found to be an overwhelming success, this law has now been adopted statewide allowing other jurisdictions to benefit as we have.

Recently, we launched the first Failure To Appear Warrant Reduction Operation in the county.

This operation was a huge success!  Since 70% of all warrants are for people who fail to appear in court for minor offenses, this special day gave them a chance to appear before a judge and have their warrant withdrawn and receive a new court date for their original offense.  This program was conducted in collaboration with the Public Defender’s Office, the State’s Attorney’s Office, Parole & Probation and of course your Sheriff’s Office.

Here are the results

It has been my team’s goal over the past 11 years to forge thriving partnerships with local law enforcement agencies in the Baltimore-Metropolitan area, the Comptroller’s Office, FBI, and the DEA. Additionally, we are active members in the Anne Arundel County Heroin Task Force, which is geared toward seeking out and arresting large scale Heroin dealers. I am happy to report we have expanded our canine unit, introduced new technology to the agency, and continue to provide the best service possible. Lastly, it is important to note, during tough fiscal times my agency has never exceeded our allotted budget, though we continue to be understaffed and our workload has increased. So there you have it: That’s Where I Stand!

Thank you for allowing me to be your sheriff and I ask for your support for my re-election in 2018.

Your Sheriff,
Ron Bateman