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Thank You Sheriff

Dear Sheriff Bateman,
I really appreciate how you took the time to talk to my class about your job and everything you and the brave men of the police and sheriff’s departments do to help our community and the justice system. It was wonderful to hear from a former student of Old Mill High, and your stories of your time there were simply amazing! I wish I could help with your re-election this time around and vote, but I’m afraid I’m still too young to vote (and try as I might, I just can’t pressure my parents to vote on anyone or on any cause).
However, I might frequently be in the courthouse next year (not for anything bad, I promise). I’m hoping my Legal Studies teacher/director manages to get me into an internship at the courthouse, as she’s been planning as of lately. I think it would prove to be a wonderful experience. Everyone there was so friendly and accommodating to my class; it’s such a magnificent learning environment.
Oh, and I also took the opportunity to watch a bit of “Anne Arundel’s Most Wanted”, though I remembered a bit late and didn’t tune in until after 6:13pm. Just like you told my class in the court room, I got to hear all of the details of your “KeyStone Candies” and “Flowers by Ron” stings, which I found to be very creative.
Well, considering I think I’ve made this letter quite lengthy, I guess I should end on this note: Sheriff Bateman, I really hope you re-elected this November, because I really look forward to more of your creative justice and crackdowns on crime. What you’ve done for our county is very admirable, and I thank you for both that and for the memorable time you’ve spent with the class.

Thank You and Good Luck!,
Fellow Old Mill High Student and Your Proud Supporter,
Richard Byrne III